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Swim All 10 From Bondi To Coogee


Starting at Bondi Beach, follow the almost impossible to lose 6km, mostly paved and sometimes staired, coastal path to Coogee beach making sure to hit each of these popular swimming spots.

Spot a Blue Groper At Clovelly Bay


Clovelly Bay is not just a great place for bathing, beach games and barbeques. Just below the surface of the water is a whole new world to explore and home to the legend of ‘Bluey’.

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Fun, engaging and hilarious team building afternoon for our work Christmas party. Hilarious photos, games and challenges throughout the day!

Ronika Kumar, The Amazing Park Race

Friendly, dedicated and professional. Organised one of the best weekends I’ve ever had!

Andrew Plummer, The Survivor Experience

Incredible ideas for adventurous events!

Richard Moore, The Hunt For Wesley Copperpot