Trivia Game Night

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Trivia Game Night

Come together to rival friends and colleagues in this customisable trivia game night experience.



Trivia Game Night

Come together to rival friends and colleagues in this customisable trivia game night experience.

Form trivia teams, pick your names and play to win. Enjoy answering quizzical questions, and participate in mini games as we see which team’s combined intellect, creative thinking and agile minds lead them to victory.


Select teams, either your way or ours, and settle in for enjoyable night of trivia game fun.

Combine minds in comical question, picture, and music rounds while coming together as closer friends, family and colleagues.

Take a break between rounds to mingle and be merry as you discuss and debunk your competitors efforts.

Conclude the final fun rounds and tally up to discover who will forever be known as trivia champs.

from $25per person


  • Length: 2 – 2.5 Hours

  • Attendees: 20+

  • Venue: Trivia Suitable / Around Sydney

  • Included: Host, Games, Prizes

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Trivia Game Night suitable for?2018-09-20T12:07:53+10:00
Like classic pub trivia, all are welcome. However, it is not recommended for children due to the usual association with alcoholic venues.
Where is Trivia Game Night held?2018-09-20T12:18:52+10:00
We aim to suit all group needs so our Trivia Game Night is designed to work anywhere with multimedia facilities.
What should I wear?2018-09-20T12:15:41+10:00
You decide! Go formal, go casual or go crazy! We love it when group choose a party theme and go all out!
Do I have to be good at trivia?2018-09-20T12:14:10+10:00
Providing a fun and memorable experience is our number one goal so questions and mini games are suited to all trivia talents.
Can Fun Events Group’s events be used for team building?2018-09-20T12:06:02+10:00
Absolutely! Build stronger friendships and colleague relationships as you and your workmates come together to in our various fun activities. Our event designers and leaders will ensure a team building focus when requested.

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