Look For The Bare Necessities On Simplicity Day

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Appropriately celebrated on Henry David Thoreau’s birthday each year (12th July), simplicity day follows his assertion that “as you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”

Spoken by an equally influential disney philosopher, we are prompted to strip our ever increasingly complicated lives down to the ‘simple bare necessities’ and remind ourselves, of what’s ultimately important. So, following Baloo’s mantra, here’s our quick guide to finding the bare necessities of life, if only for one day.

1. Forget about your worries and your strife

The only way to start this day of simplicity is to take the plunge. Take a vow of simplicity for 24 hours, in which you will cut out the unimportant and distracting things in life. Escape your virtual social life by replacing all non work related technology with human interaction. Freak out your fellow commuters by using that outdated pastime called conversation, or for the less confident, carry a book. Any on the dusty bookshelf next to the unused contemporary reading lamp will do, though Harry Potter might be easier to fake during small talk.

2. I couldn’t be fonder of my big home

Walking the same path or driving the same road day after day can numb our appreciation of local surroundings. Get off that old beaten track to work or school, lift your chin and spot the hidden beauties on your doorstep. When home, move from your favourite TV chair and spend a moment in a lesser used room to gain new perspective and refresh your eyes to that comforting place we call home. I’ll be in the kitchen. If I can find it.

3. Take a glance at the fancy ants

Concrete jungle or not, we are all surrounded by nature, flora and fauna happily existing in their own regulated simplicity. Find a minute in your day to observe and appreciate the uncomplicated wonders of mother nature. An orderly line of ‘fancy’ ants, or the ever persevering grass beneath your feet; remembering these straightforward lives can certainly reinvigorate our own.

4. The bees are buzzin’ in the trees, To make some honey just for me

Without nourishment we are nothing, and without companionship we are less. It’s time to appreciate the two by stretching your culinary expertise, however simple, to prepare a meal that will make both your body and a special someone smile. Friend, family, fireman or first date, everyone loves the gesture of a home cooked meal, and your body will love a day away from mike the microwave.

5. The bare necessities of life, they’ll come to you

If you haven’t noticed already, a few principal themes guide us through these 24 hours of simplicity, and i’m sure that if Baloo every comes out with a second hit, it would once again feature the ideals of frugal consumption, personal growth and of course ecological awareness.

Finally, and from the mouth of Mowgli’s very own life mentor. “Don’t spend your time lookin’ around, for something you want that can’t be found. The bare necessities of life, they’ll come to you.”

What a legend!


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