Play Monopoly In Under An Hour

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There are good reasons why games like Monopoly have stood the test of time, and yet somehow they have developed a reputation for mundanity and garage sales.

Most people are reminded of long evenings impossibly trying to bankrupt parents or grandparents who, thinking back, must’ve had sticky fingers. Never trust the banker! After being asked “how to switch on” the Monopoly board by a so called generation Z, we decided to refresh this classic game’s reputation with a short and social version, perfect when shared with cheese and wine.

Short and Social Instructions

1. Set up the game as normal which means choosing your game pieces and naturally fighting over who gets to be the dog. Then select your banker and have them dish out 2 $500’s, 2 $100’s, 2 $50’s, 6 $20’s, 5 $10’s, 5 $5’s, and 5 $1’s to each player.

2. To speed up the buying process, the banker shuffles and hands out 2 title deed (property) cards to each player who are obliged to buy them with the money recently received.

3. Choose who’ll go first with a role of the dice or rock paper scissors and begin moving yourselves around the board. Landing on Chance and Community Chest spaces are played as normal.

4. If players land on property spaces and choose not to purchase them, they are instantly placed up for auction by all players. (This is an old rule but often forgotten and important to keep the game moving).

5. Buy houses and hotels to ramp up rent, but now only 3 houses are required to buy a house. As per usual, sale of a hotel remains half of the purchase price.

6. To end the game only 2 players need to be bankrupted and the winner is decided based on cash, properties, houses and hotels etc. For groups of 2 or 3 bankrupt only 1 player.

After a few simple modifications, Monopoly will once again sit happily at the top of the pile.

Introducing Monopoly Deal

Of course, with the creation of Monopoly deal in 2008, up to 5 players can now speed through a card based version of monopoly in under fifteen minutes. To be honest, we are huge fans of this new version, especially for its acceptance of wine and cheese, but it does mean sacrificing a lot of the strategy involved in the classic version as after a while the random chance of winning feels more like gin rummy. However it’s a great card game to bust out for a younger crowd or to wrap up a family dinner.


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