Swim All 10 From Bondi To Coogee

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If you’ve been in Sydney for more than five minutes, then at least 100 people will have recommended the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk as a ‘must do’. Too often overlooked is the abundance of beautiful swimming spots to be found along the way. So, we at Fun Events Group challenge you to get wet at the 10 swimming holes along the way, while enjoying this admittedly stunning Sydney must do walk.

Starting at Bondi Beach, follow the almost impossible to lose 6km, mostly paved and sometimes staired, coastal path to Coogee beach making sure to hit each of these popular swimming spots.

Safety First!
Swimming in the sea can be dangerous, especially for young or unconfident swimmers. Always swim between the flags when available and take note of all warnings and recommendations.

1. Bondi Beach – (Start)

This classic and popular beach in Sydney, especially with tourists, is the starting point and first opportunity to get in the water. The north end is regarded as lower risk than the south, but always swim between the flags to be safe. Head to the south end when you’re ready and follow the easy to spot path up and around the coast edge.

2. Tamarama Beach – (1.5km)

Around 20 minutes after leaving Bondi you’ll find Tamarama Beach. Set between two prominent headlands, this small area of beach and deep water attracts surf enthusiasts and unfortunately rip currents too. The cliffs either side do however provide fantastic vantage points for budding photographers.

3. Bronte Beach – (2.2km)

With less swell, a large park area and a series of popular cafes this is a popular beach location for families and friend groups.

4. Bronte Baths – (2.4km)

At the south end of Bronte Beach you’ll find a 30m ocean pool offering a gentle reprieve from the waves.

5. Clovelly Beach – (4km)

Originally called little Coogee, this long narrow swimmer friendly bay is extremely popular with snorkelers for its calm waters and marine life.

6. Clovelly Ocean Pool – (4.2km)

On the southern side of Clovelly Bay is a 25m saltwater pool. A shallower option for children and less adventurous.

7. Gordons Bay – (5km)

Only accessible along this walk, an offshore reef creates calm waters and a tiny beach at Gordons Bay. This spot is popular with divers and as it features an underwater nature trail.

8. Giles Baths – (5.5km)

At the base of the headland at the south of Coogee beach is this natural rock pool and swimming area, nicknamed the Bogey Hole. Look for a path down just before reaching Coogee Beach.

9. Coogee Beach – (6km)

Known for it’s calm surf and safe swimming conditions, Coogee beach is hugely popular with family and is surrounded by a playground, shower facilities and plenty of eateries.

10. Ross Jones Rockpool – (End)

Walk the length of Coogee Beach to final your final waterhole destination, Ross Jones Rockpool, where the waves crash beautifully over its man made walls in hide tide or rough seas.

10 Swimming Holes From Bondi To Coogee

  • Best from September to March

  • Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach

  • 3 – 4 Hours

  • Free

Family Friendly

Plan for 3 to 4 hours to include time for 10 swimming dips, and stops for nourishment.

Suitable for all with a moderate level of fitness.
Not suitable for wheelchairs or very small children.

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